Guitar tailor-made courses

Thanks to the experience I acquired by studying classical guitar in the conservatoire and by teaching in Music Schools, I can Offers a classical and structured music course mixing theory and practice. I usually use the ABRSM or TRINITY Guildhall Grade system which target a few important areas (Playing, Musical Knowledge, Aural, Sight Reading) and assure improvement.

I teach electric, classical and acoustic guitars from grade 1 to grade 8.

Choose the course that fits to your needs. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced player; wether you need to pass an exam or want to play for your pleasure only, I can help you to achieve your goals.

Half an hour 25£

Educational materials are not included in fees.

My lessons

I strongly believe that every person is different and learns in a complete different way. During a session I will always try to teach in a way that is specific to each student whether it be visually, auditory, applying knowledge through games, or from a more musical theory stand point. But I am also a working musician and my active career within the music industry allows me to learn more each day and bring new valuable insight to every lesson. In this perspective, I am a strong adept and like to experiment new methods of teaching.

We could use a musical software to compose a backing track in order to practice your favorite song, we could start learning a new style of music by watching some videos and listening to some songs in order to understand where, when and why it was created, we could record some guitar for your own songs and improvisations or I could bring a bass and practice as a duo...

The learning experience has to be enjoyable whilst at the same time very fruitful!

Since 2012, I have presented over 200 students to music grade examination with 97% sucess!

Alex Scheuerer - London W13
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